Kate Rudman –
Sound Communities

Kate is a digital arts education specialist and director of Sound Communities CIC, developing innovative learning projects with sound and radio production. Kate has a Masters in Media Education and Radio Production and is a fellow of the Devon School for Social Entrepreneurs. She has worked in partnership with the BBC, National Youth Theatre,  The Science Museum, and education programmes across the UK. She has produced radio features as part of Women's Radio Group, bIRST broadcasts and currently produces a vinyl only music show on Soundart Radio. 

She established Sound Communities CIC in 2010, with an expansive programme of radio and music production workshops, broadcasts, station building projects and consultancy. They create platforms and opportunities for young people to step up and speak out, specialising in working with vulnerable children, who live in the most disadvantaged areas of the community. 

Sound Communities’ arts practice includes two recent arts and health commissions, soundscape contributions to Chris Watson’s 'The Tale’,(Situations) production of soundscape for Brian Mendes’ 3D live drama for the International Agatha Christie Festival and interviews as part of Eyeview’s Silence Between Waves. Sound Communities have led partnerships with Doorstep Arts to produce radio drama, “Lift”, to raise awareness of Child Sexual Exploitation online and the National Youth Theatre and the BBC to produce a radio soap opera with an interactive website, 'The Manor’.

Kate and her team are working alongside Suzie West bringing their audio expertise to Murmuration as part of Wavelength.