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Building on Torbay’s strong culture of co-producing work with community members, Eyeview will include participatory projects with opportunities for people from all ages and backgrounds to get involved in making new creative work. Sign up to our e-news to get updates as soon as opportunities come up.


As part of Torbay’s Great Place Scheme, we are building a network of cultural volunteers to be strong advocates for culture, to encourage engagement in local arts, culture and heritage and support delivery of our growing arts and heritage offer. We’ll be looking for people to be involved across heritage research, arts administration, marketing, social media, educational activities, events support, evaluation and advocacy. You can find out more general information about cultural volunteering here. Click the link below for current opportunities.


There is a particular need to develop the production and technical infrastructure locally, and we will be providing placements to support skills in this field. If you are interested in production, arts management or technical support opportunities as part of Eyeview, see our Production crucible call.

Partner with Eyeview

We plan to collaborate with others, both locally and further afield, developing partnerships that enrich our cultural programme and increase the impact of the work. Whether you are a cultural venue, creative organisation, research organisation, community development organisation, a funder or potential corporate partner, if you are interested in connecting with Eyeview and the wider Torbay Great Place Scheme, get in touch with Nathalie Palin, Creative Director at

If you have an idea or a question that isn’t included above, get in touch with Clare Parker, Lead Producer at The more people and ideas we connect with the better.