If you’re interested in supporting creative activities and cultural events, get in touch! We are developing a whole range of activities that need Torbay’s cultural ambassadors.

For Wavelength in November, we’re looking for people to help host events, support creative and media activities, act as venue guides and much more. If you’re interested in helping to make these great events happen, please get in touch. Whether you’re wanting to find our more about cultural events locally, or looking to build specific skills/reference for your C.V., we’d love to hear from you.

We also want to support individuals to realise their own ideas by bringing people together. Cultural volunteers support a wide range of activities, including research, arts administration, marketing (including spreading the word through ‘the grapevine’), social media, educational activities, events support, logistics, evaluation and advocacy. 

We would like to build on people’s specific knowledge, skills & interests - get in touch with Volunteer Coordinator Debbie Hyde to find our more. You can reach Debbie on email: debbie.hyde88@gmail.com

Eyeview is part of Torbay Culture’s Great Place Scheme, so when you volunteer with us, you’ll also become a Torbay Cultural Ambassador.