Zuppa Theatre

Zuppa Theatre is an ensemble theatre company based in Halifax, Nova Scotia. The company is driven by a core group of artists (led by directors Ben Stone, Susan Leblanc and Alex McLean with associate artist Stewart Legere) and has developed a unique collaborative process that favours the intuitive over the formulaic, thriving on the play between the imagined and the real. Every Zuppa Theatre show is a ride through wild visions, genres, familiar stories and the unknown; the experiences, thoughts and inclinations of the artists and collaborators involved – whether writers, chefs, musicians, performers, designers – determines the landscape.

In partnership with IACF, Zuppa Theatre has been working on a research project ‘Vista’, exploring the parallel worlds and intersections between the processes, systems and experience of health and environment. ‘Vista’ has been developed through an ongoing series of conversations and platforms in Halifax, Nova Scotia and Torbay, including through In Good Spirits, focusing on urban health and how we might better engage creativity within and across our social fabric.

As part of Wavelength, you can journey through Torquay to experience ‘Vista’ – night or day, via the app available here.


“Vista” is a project generously supported through the Canada Council for the Arts.