Steve Sowden

Trio of Men (Hugh Nankivell, Steve Sowden, Ben Ballard) make music-based projects & performances which use theatre, projected video and narrative. They are dedicated to making work which imaginatively and successfully engages communities and audiences. Projects include: Ignition (a community theatre narrative for National Theatre of Scotland), Earth Echoes (a UNESCO opera about the Anthropocene) and Long Time Coming, a song-cycle with Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra (BSO) & road-builders Galliford Try.

Steve writes/arranges music, sings every day and makes films. He has made a choral piece for 8 screens and 16 audio channels (the Philharmonia Orchestra's Universe of Sound), fronted bands (as an opening act for Muse, Arctic Monkeys, Television), directed/produced video/music for a 21st Century ‘Peepshow' box and is currently making his own zero-budget independent film: Mote's Pinch (which may never be finished).