Salinda Nichols

Salinda Nichols creates dance, film, and performance art across a breadth of contexts. She holds her MA in Contemporary Dance from London Contemporary Dance. Her video dance work has been featured in the Journal ‘Cinewomen’ which celebrates Independent women filmmakers and has been shown at galleries across the UK, USA, and Europe.

Her work explores the idea of the micro and macro body. From cell division, to the scars our life has left on us, to the mental state from one’s experience, she investigates the space where film, art, and movement meet. Nature in contrast with industry is featured prominently in her work, as is the juxtaposition these elements have with the moving body.

Salinda forms part of the newly-formed company of dance artists coming together to create and perform a site-sensitive performance ‘Take a Seat’, co-produced by Dance in Devon and Eyeview, curated by Mole Wetherell from Reckless Sleepers.