Michael Davis

Michael Davis –

Michael Davis is a multi-disciplinary artist, creating sound, rhythm and three dimensional forms, and has spent several years working to create large scale interactive sonic installations. His work is rooted in participatory music, having worked as a musician and music-facilitator for many years.

Through design (sonic, spatial, visual, rhythmic and harmonic) he strives to eliminate the barriers between people and their own creativity. “Too many people believe that creativity is something that 'other people do' but I believe that every one of us is creative at our core.”

Michael’s immersive interactive artworks use colour, sound and rhythm to create a deeply engaging creative experience that can enjoyed alone of shared with others. Each respond to touch, with ever changing patterns of light and sound, spreading out like waves over the giant instruments surface, bringing people together into a fun and spontaneous music making experience.

Since creating the first 'illumaphonium' in 2016 and 'Halo' in 2018 his work has toured extensively across the UK and internationally.

For Wavelength, the Illumaphonium grows to incorporate musical references particular to Torbay’s bird populations, and becomes accessible for all with Halo structures of varying heights.