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Hak Gwai

Hak Gwai aka Lau Chun Ho is a musician, educator, and street performer from Hong Kong. A proficient player of both Chinese instruments - such as the erhu and pipa - and indigenous instruments including the didgeridoo, asalato, Himalayan bowls and mouth harp, Lau is known to blend traditional instrumentation with electronic synths and beats, creating music that is bold, experimental, and different. In addition to performing solo, Lau is a big proponent for collaboration. Some of his past music endeavours include local hybrid progressive rock band Chock Ma, and tribal folk band Tuo Ling. Under the stage name HakGwai, he has performed at Clockenflap 2014, Australia Day by the Australian Consulate-General, and Freespace Fest, to name a few. His self-titled debut album "HakGwai" was released in 2014, and is a masterful blend of East and West, ancient and modern. "Spirituality and well-being" continues to be Lau's life mantra and motivation behind his craft.