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Chris Timpson –
Aurelia Soundworks

Chris Timpson is a sound designer with a specialism in 3D spatial audio for both multi-speaker and headphone listening. Having worked with immersive sound projects for several years, he is one of the leading specialists in ambisonic and 3D audio mixing. Chris is co-founder of Aurelia Soundworks - a world-class creative content studio based in the UK and Los Angeles - with Chris splitting his time between his home in South Devon and London. Aurelia's work has featured in award-winning Film, VR and installation-based content. Chris was also Spatial Sound Director for EarFilms’ pioneering audio drama To Sleep To Dream, where he developed multi-disciplinary approaches to transforming spaces through the use of soundscape design. Chris’s work is focused on exploring the deep relationship humans have with sound, both conscious and innate. This curiosity has taken him around the globe capturing and creating sounds from the most exquisite natural environments to the most chaotic manmade cacophonies.

In 2018, Chris was commissioned to help the Metropolitan Museum create a binaural soundscape, which included the dramatisation of first-hand accounts of 17th century visitors to the Palace of Versailles by a cast of international actors. The scenes were composed and then recorded and worldized at Oldway Mansion to utilise the authentic acoustic signature of its palatial rooms.