Events Producers are almost like magicians

Theresa Dunthorne (Intern Team)

fabric home.jpg

In my mind, Events Producers are almost like magicians; they conjure up these vast creative experiences from nothing, through only their imagination and a determined willpower to bring people, places, and projects together. The Torbay Great Places Scheme is definitely something magical. Aiming to reveal a cultural world that is certainly vibrant and present in Torbay, but perhaps not always obvious, the scheme will reimagine places the local community will be familiar with through the lens of dance, music, art, installations, and more.

I am a third year History student at the University of Exeter, and after graduation, I hope to work as an Events producer. Previously, I’ve had the opportunity to do this on a small scale, as the producer and member of a university A Cappella group, Illuminations, and as the co-Head of Theatre for Poltimore Festival, a role which allows me to curate and tailor a festival theatre programme. These experiences have led me to realise I really enjoy creating events and seeing them through to their fruition. As a consequence, when I got the opportunity to apply to be an intern for Eyeview, I was very excited! ‘Extraordinary’ offered me the prospect to work in a team, shadowing producers Clare and Mair, as they pull together both the ‘festival’ period (Extraordinary) and the ongoing conversations series. Clare and Mair have a wealth of exciting experiences producing events mostly centred in the performing arts, so I knew I would relish the chance to learn directly from them.

Somehow I got the internship, and my experience so far has been thoroughly welcoming and gratifying. I’ve been properly introduced to the creative hub for this scheme, The Shop, which is a fantastic space nestled in the vibrant Winner Street of Paignton; it is being built from inside out in a collaborative effort, and it has been enjoyable to see it come slightly more together every time I return.

Last week, I had the opportunity to attend a promotional photoshoot for artists Amy Pitt and Chris Timpson, with the Eyeview team. This was fascinating: watching the set-up of shots in the impressive and slightly daunting Oldway Mansion, it was very easy to imagine how the Fabric of Home event will shape up during the June Extraordinary period. The Fabric of Home will take place on the lawns of Oldway, and give participants the opportunity to, as a sewing community, create a collaborative piece of work, facilitated by Amy Pitt, whilst experiencing the daunting beauty of this over hundred-year-old house. 

I am very excited to be part of this scheme. Arts and Heritage events have enormous poignancy and purpose – they have real power to fundamentally reframe the way we interact with and view the worlds around us. In short, they inspire us to reimagine ordinary places as Extraordinary.