The Eyeview cultural programme forms part of Torbay’s Great Place Scheme – a £1.6m pilot scheme supported by a grant from Arts Council England and the Heritage Lottery Fund. With this support, Torbay Culture is working to build the foundations and infrastructure for change that will shape a more confident Torbay: ambitious for its future, a great place to live and to visit, with a thriving cultural offer in Torbay that is high quality, valued, sustainable and embedded in all parts of life.

Through 2019, Eyeview will support artists and communities will animate and re-imagine Torbay’s culture and heritage through a series of site-specific commissions, participatory projects and community actions. Building from the ground up, a thread of new stories, conversations and projects will gather people together, animating key heritage assets and platforming new work in collaboration with local, regional and national partners. Creative activities through the year include:

eyeview: conversations
February – December 2019
A series of happenings, feasts, presentations and dialogue through the year, bringing people together to ask questions, debate, share ideas, places and perspectives.

eyeview: (extra)ordinary
7th – 16th June 2019
Bringing together site-specific works and partnership projects by artists and communities that animate and take over extraordinary and unexpected places, cultural treasures and sites in Torbay’s unique natural environment.

eyeview: wavelength
November 2019
A month of experimental commissions with artists and technologists, culminating in a celebration of sound and light, illuminating Torbay, the overlooked and unexpected.

Building on the spirit of exchange and dialogue, Eyeview will catalyse the emergence of new work and ways of thinking, nurturing of a solid base from which the energy and creativity of our cultural sector can grow. Underpinning this is embedded support and capacity-building, interfacing with other aspects of our Great Place Scheme, to layer culture into our developing sense of place.


We are a small creative team commissioned by Torbay Culture to deliver the Eyeview cultural programme as part of Torbay’s Great Place Scheme.

Our Co Creative Directors, Nathalie Palin and Tom Littlewood have researched and developed the programme with partners over the past nine months. Now joined by Lead Producer, Clare Parker, who is now forming and leading the production team to deliver the programme. You can get in touch with us directly by email – click here for our contact details.

Programme Principles

Programme principles apply to the selection of new work and existing work supported. Not all may meet every principle, but we will look for the spirit of most (if not all) to be evident.

1. Sparks delight or extends horizons. Does the work inspire imaginations, present alternative futures, animate the public realm or bring people together?

2. Innovative or distinct. Does the work or approach allow space for new ideas to be tested and potential nurtured? Is it distinct or unexpected for audiences here, allowing us to see the world in a new way?

3. Invites curiosity and questions. We’re interested in supporting work that encourages us to ask questions and encourages a culture of enquiry, where the hidden is revealed and the obvious challenged.

4. Promotes dialogue and exchange. We want to support creative process that encourages an exchange of skills and ideas, nurturing potential and leading into a ‘golden thread’ of development and capacity building.

5. People-centred. Work may be relational, participatory or co-produced with people locally. It is appreciative of how diverse audiences may respond and is relevant to Torbay as a diverse and everchanging community.

6. Is enduring. Be that in the memory, an experience that endures, or through the longer-term impact that a creative project can have on individuals, our community or sense of place.

7. Relevant and responsive to place. Does the work enhance our understanding of Torbay and its sense of place? Does it help us to reimagine places and spaces here, bringing new things into focus or revealing the overlooked?

8. Promotes new collaborations. Does the work invite collaborations and connections across different communities of interest within and without Torbay? Does it engage with the wider cultural ecology, engaging with other sectors, local industry or voluntary and community groups?